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Double Rail Hoist (Single Speed) (RF-DT & RS-DT)

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  • RF-DT & RS-DT Double Rail Rope Hoist (Single Speed)
    RF-DT & RS-DT Double Rail Rope Hoist (Single Speed)
RF-DT & RS-DT Double Rail Wire Rope Hoist (Single Speed)

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Double rail wire rope hoist (Single speed)


 Low-headroom design keep take up space is smallr.

 Rugged case design to clear noise & vibration.

 Motor :

  • Hoist classification standard is CNS C grade、DIN 2m、ISO M5.
  • Motor stand is IP54.
  • F grade thermal insulation.
  • S1 grade w/ thermal protector.
  • Test load >125%.
  • Brake torque > 150% rated motor torque.
  • Motor with test report .

 Brake :

  • Hoist brake is AC type better than DC traditional design.
  • Hand release is standard.
  • Hoist & trolley brake can adjust by using only one screw.
  • Automatic adjust brake is option.

 Drum design :

  • 4/2 Reeving -true vertical design keep hook position is always in center.
  • Drum with material certificate.

  • Option rope guide can extend rope lifetime.

 Safety features :

  • Pedant push button with emergency stop is standard.
  • Fault phase & wrong phase relay is standard.

  • Hook up position limit switch is standard.

  • Hook down position limit switch can be assembly when rope guide (option) is installed.

  • Digital weight display (option) is available when option load limit (option) is installed.

    ►►►Overhead Crane – Auto Weighing Device

    Mobile phone to read & set data is available now.


 Rugged gear case design reduces vibration & noise.

 Gear surface grind use.

 Hook :

  • Hook safety factor > 5 and w/ test report & material certificate.
  • With thrust bearing and can be rotated when full load.
  • Option V hook can wind more rope on drum.



 Self-adjusting center core

Using a trolley with a self-adjusting center core, the wheels can closely follow the rails.

Product Specifications

Power supply : 3 Φ 220/380/415/440/460V  50/60HZ





  • Gear – type limit switch for locating highest and lowest hook position.
  • Overload limit device
  • Extremely wear – resistance rope guide in spheroidal graphite cast iron, high resistance to diagonal pull; no temperature limitations.
  • Using PTC thermistor temperature sensors to monitor or protect the motor.
  • Higher protection class motor and electronic box, like IP65. IP55. IP54 ketc.
  • For even smoother acceleration and infinitely variable travel speeds, a frequency control is available for all mode.
  • Radio remote control system – Portable Transmitter  Radio receiver.


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