Standard Chain Hoist (CF) | San Yuan

Standard Type
Single Speed / Two Speed CF ‧ CFC SERIES

Product Catalogue : SANYUAN-CHAIN-HOIST-CF

  • 1~5 Ton Rated capacity.
  • Test load >125% Capacity.
  • Motors are available with various voltages.
  • Helical Gearing used where practical to provide quiet operation.
  • Plug-In Cables reduce maintenance time and installation.
  • Chain sprocket is heat-treated and ground to a high tolerance ensures smooth lifting.
  • Lower Hook is heat-treated and equipped with safety latch and 360 degree swiveling.
  • Push button is rain-proof plastic for severe impact and corrosive atmosphere resistance and mechanically interlocked.
  • Torque of brake > 125% Rated torque of motor.
  • Lifting hook is made of high grade steel and is equipped with a safety latch.
  • Safety factor of hook and chain sprocket and chains > 5.
  • Push-in control line design
  • AC Electromagnetic Brake SystemThe AC-type power-off safety brake has a manual release function, which requirees only one bolt to adjust maintenance, and an automatic brake clearance adjustment function. (Option)

Select the electric trolley Specifications

“S” :Standard. “O” :Option


Electrical Overload Prevent Device O
Upper & Lower Limit Switch S
Reverse Phase Inspecting Relay S
AC Fail – Safe Brake S
Chain Container S
Grade 80 Chain S
Stainless Steel Chain O
Two Step Hoisting Speed O
Low Voltage Control S



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