Ultra Short Chain Hoist (CS) | San Yuan

Ultra Short Single Speed Type – CS SERIES

Suitable For All Kinds of Spaces

Product Catalogue : SANYUAN-CHAIN-HOIST-CS

• 1/6~2 Ton Rated Capacity.

• Test load >125%

• Capacity Limit switch is easy to remove and install.

• Motors are available with various voltages & frequency.

• Friction torque limiter prevents the misuse of the hoist.

• It gives protection from overload, accidental over-hoisting, and over-lowering.

• Fail safety brake – ensuring the load is always stopped when the control button is released.

• Torque of brake > 125% Rated torque of motor.

• Chain sprocket is heat-treated and ground to a high tolerance ensures smooth lifting.

• Lifting hook is made of high grade steel and is equipped with a safety latch.

• Safety factor of hook and chain sprocket and chains > 5.

Also known as a safety clutch installed in the power transmission.

A gear clipped in the spring composite friction surface, and nut can be adjust the spring force to limit the size of its drive torque, when the overload torque exceeds the set value, the torque limiter will have a separation, in order to effectively protect the driven machinery and prevent over-load or over-winding.

Select the electric trolley Specifications



“S”: Standard. “O”: Option 

Mechanical Overload Prevent Device S
Upper & Lower Limit Switch O
DC Fail – Safe Brake S
Chain Container S
Grade 80 Chain S
Stainless Steel Chain O
Low Voltage Control S



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