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Video :


 Motor :


  • Hoist classification standard is CNS C grade、DIN 2m、ISO M5
  • Motor stand is IP54、
  • F grade thermal insulation
  • S1 grade w/ thermal protector
  • Test load >125%
  • Brake torque > 150% rated motor torque
  • Motor with test report


 Brake :


  • Hoist brake is AC type better than DC traditional design
  • Hand release is standard
  • Hoist & trolley brake can adjust by using only one screw
  • Automatic adjust brake is option


 Drum design :


  • 4/2 Reeving -true vertical design keep hook position is always in center.
    Drum with material certificate
  • Option rope guide can extend rope lifetime.


 Safety features :

  • Hook up position limit switch is standard.
  • Hook down position limit switch can be assembly when rope guide (option) is installed.
  • Digital weight display (option) is available when option load limit (option) is installed.


 Rugged gear case design reduces vibration & noise.



 Gear surface grind use.


 Hook :


  • Hook safety factor > 5 and w/ test report & material certificate.
  • With thrust bearing and can be rotated when full load.
  • Option V hook can wind more rope on drum.





  1. Gear – type limit switch for locating highest and lowest hook position.
  2. Overload limit device
  3. Extremely wear – resistance rope guide in spheroidal graphite cast iron, high resistance to diagonal pull; no temperature limitations.
  4. Using PTC thermistor temperature sensors to monitor or protect the motor.
  5. Higher protection class motor and electronic box, like IP65. IP55. IP54 ketc.
  6. For even smoother acceleration and infinitely variable travel speeds, a frequency control is available for all mode.
  7. Radio remote control system – Portable Transmitter  Radio receiver.


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