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Patent NO. TW M547550

  • Hoisting Brake – disc brake having the braking torque >150%rated torque of motor .
  • The brake is holden even if power failure – ensuring the load isalways stopped when the control button is released.
  • Gears are smoothly operated for an oil bath lubrication and superior to a wear and abrasion resistance.
  • Fine machining of the drum grooves minimizes wear on the rope, the return sheaves are resistance to wear.

The compact construction allows the hook to be capped for maximum effective use of space.

► The motor standard has built-in thermal protection to protect the components for extended service life.

► An economical winch two-speed option is achieved through a pole-changing motor.

► Use the frequency converter for a smoother cargo handling.

► The operation switch standard is equipped with an emergency stop function and is ergonomic.



►►►Overhead Crane – Auto Weighing Device 


Mobile phone to read & set data is available now.



Gear Type Limit Switch

The crane winch has a limit automatic cut-off switch, and the limit switch is divided into fast and slow speeds to set the maximum limit effect and safety. Suitable for hoisting applications, directly on the reel, through the reduction gear set touch the micro switch to achieve the limit effect.

Direct Drive Design

The hoisting gear reducer directly transmits power to the reel, and the non-traditional long drive shaft type maximizes mechanical efficiency.
Both the radial and straight-line gear reducers directly transmit power to the drive wheels, and non-traditional grease-lubricated exposed gears are used.


The reel input bushing can be used in a separate design using a bolt retainer to remove the hole for future replacement.


The V-Hook design maximizes the length of the cable reel on the reel and the angle at which the cable is wound into the reel.

(Patent No. TW M563428)


AC Electromagnetic Automatic Adjustment Mechanis
Prevents the brake coil from burning out.

Automatic adjustment of the brakes
Principle: Mechanical closed loop control is used to maintain brake clearance and brake pressure spring height.

  1. The automatic adjustment arm keeps the gap between the friction plate and the brake drum constant.
  2. Prevent the load from falling due to insufficient braking force.
  3. There is no need to manually adjust the brake clearance and reduce the number of maintenance and repairs.


 Specification Table Monorail 3Ton 2/1 Reeving (Type : E3-RT21)


 Specification Table ►Monorail 3.2Ton 4/1 Reeving (Type : E3-RT41)


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